5-day Chi Kung Intensives in The Netherlands

Spring/Summer 2023


A transformational, in depth experience into the internal.

Come join one of our step by step, foundational Chi Kung workshops. Specifically designed for those of you seeking real depth and understanding in the internal (martial) arts. 

Here is your chance to get hands on experience in a small group setting. Discover the full potential of what is possible in your internal training and accelerate your growth through multiple partner-excercises. 

Topics that will be covered: 

  • The Hermetic Alchemy framework
  • Awakening the energy body
  • Fascia & Internal Power development
  • Releasing, Moving & Balancing energy methods
  • Partner training (listening, rebounding, song, intrinsic energies)

Workshop 1:   22 - 26 May 

Workshop 2:
   19 - 23 June 

Workshop 3:
   17 - 21 July 

Workshop 4:   0
4 - 08 September 


Reserve your spot here:

22-26 MAY 2023
19-23 JUNE 2023
17-21 JULY 2023
4-8 SEPTEMBER 2023

"For all those who want to work with energy (martial arts, Qi Gong, Taiji) can benefit greatly from the knowledge and experience of Armand and Didi. For me, this seminar was the best so far, with the highest practical benefit."

Oliver Haag
Qi Gong teacher
- Neu-Anspach, Germany - 

There are 4 spots per workshop available.

Training times for all 4 workshops:
Monday from 8.30 -16.00
Tuesday from 8.30 -16.00
Wednesday from 8.30-12.30
Thursday from 8.30 -16.00. 
Fridays from 8.30-12.30 with a lunch afterwards.

(vegetarian lunches included, except on Wednesday).

Zoetermeer, Netherlands/ The Hague area.

We can advise you on accomodation in the area.

850,- euro per person/per workshop.
* To reserve your spot, we ask you to pay 150 euro downpayment. 

Reserve your spot here:

22-26 MAY 2023
19-23 JUNE 2023
17-21 JULY 2023
4-8 SEPTEMBER 2023

"The combination of the knowledge, skills and enthusiasm of these two beautiful people have given me a huge leap in my personal growth and well-being."

Ben van de Geijn 
- Zoetermeer, The Netherlands -