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We teach internal alchemy through time tested energy methods like Chi Kung, Tai Chi, Hermetics, Traditional Nutrition and Herbs. We help people release stagnation, build internal power and become aligned with their purpose in life.

Didi Vlaar &
Armand van Middendorp


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 "Chi skills with Armand and Didi has been one of the most power paradigm shifts I've ever experienced. Having never practiced internal martial arts, this was a great introduction into this world. I recommend to anyone trying to get closer to themselves and the world around them. From day 1 they make you feel comfortable and give you space to explore yourself. It has given me a new sensation of what it means to be alive." - 
Eric Kovacs
"Didi and Armand gave me a new set of practical tools to learn about myself, totally diferent of what I found so far in my life. Every session gave me new tangible experiences and insights. I can only imagine where this practice can take me in the long run. Didi and Armand were open, flexible, available and present in each step of the way." 
Lívia Ferrony Ribeiro 



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Demystifying the Chi Kung proces is what we're all about.

Chi Kung is Alchemy. Transforming into the best, most alligned version of yourself as can possibly be.

Food is the absolute foundation for our vital energy.


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"In my personal experience Didi and Armand are amazing people. They are super dedicated, very knowledgeable, know how to teach and above all, they are authentic. They walk their talk and have life experience. I notice that I have grown in my practice. The combination of physical, mental and energetic training works really well for a person like me who is (was) used to spending a lot of time in his mind. In daily life I am more in touch with my energy body, I can easily find the space of quietness when I want to."

Aad Havermans 
Breathcoach & Wim Hof instructor