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"Chi skills with Armand and Didi has been one of the most powerful paradigm shifts I've ever experienced. It has given me a new sensation of what it means to be alive."  

Eric Kovacs


We teach internal alchemy through time tested energy methods like Chi Kung, Tai Chi, Hermetics, Traditional Nutrition and Herbs. We help people release stagnation, build internal power and become aligned with their purpose in life.

Didi Vlaar &
Armand van Middendorp


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"Didi and Armand gave me a new set of practical tools to learn about myself, totally different from what I found so far in my life. I can only imagine where this practice can take me in the long run." 

Lívia Ferrony Ribeiro 

Demystifying the Chi Kung proces is what we're all about.

Chi Kung is Alchemy. Transform into the best, most alligned version of yourself as can possibly be.

Food is the absolute foundation for our vital energy.

"In my personal experience Didi and Armand are amazing people. They are super dedicated, very knowledgeable, know how to teach and above all, they are authentic."

Aad Havermans 
Breathcoach & Wim Hof instructor