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Demystifying the
Chi Kung 
proces is what it’s all about.

Getting people tuned into their energy body, right from the start of training, creates a paradigm shift in how they experience themselves and their reality. If we bring sensitivity into the equation the path for healing and transformation lies open.  

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Food is the absolute foundation for our vital energy.

Chi Kung starts with building vital energy and our diet is a big part of that. Getting insight in patterns and behaviour around our diet gives us a chance to learn a lot about ourselves. Being aware gives us a huge opportunity to reconnect with ourselves and make changes accordingly.

That is why we include 5-element food in our teachings. And use this ancient knowledge to apply it in these modern times!


"The combination of the knowledge, skills and enthusiasm of these two beautiful people have given me a huge leap in my personal growth and well-being."

Ben van de Geijn 
- Zoetermeer, The Netherlands - 


“Certain concepts that I ignored as myths, after trying for years, became very practical once I started working with Sifu Armand.”

Ashok Kumar Ganesan – Chantilly, USA


"Armand is a gifted Internal teacher with an incredible work ethic. Highly recommend experiencing his insights and teachings."

Sifu Mark Rasmus – Renowned Chi Kung & Hermetics teacher   


“Didi is friendly, engaging and empathic. She understands people. She has lots of knowledge and skills, but she brings a lightness to it.”

Claire Barton – Connecting Through Sound – Clonakilty, Ireland


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