Chi Skills Live Online (ZOOM)Ā 

Into the Internal Live Course

Four weekly Saturday sessions:
May 18th, May 25th, June 1st & June 8th 2024.
07:30-9:30 PM CET
Course cancelled due to circumstances. Thank you for your interest.

In this live online course Armand and Didi will guide you through the essential first steps of internal practice. Over the course of four 2-hour sessions, they will help you build towards the understanding and experience of the "mind moves Chi, Chi moves the body" principle.

The first session is all about laying a strongĀ physical foundation. In the second session you will learn how toĀ awaken the energy body. The third sessionĀ focuses on releasing excecises (the principleĀ of Song). And in the final session everything comes together in "mind moves Chi, Chi moves the body".Ā  Ā 

All sessions include Q&A's, to make sure you get it right.

If you are a beginner this is a great place to start.

This course is also for those of you who have been training Chi Kung, Tai Chi or any of the internal martial arts, and miss internal principles and the experience of Chi.

This live online course will take your training to the next level.Ā 

“Certain concepts that I ignored as myths, after trying for years, became very practical once I started working with Sifu Armand.”

Ashok Kumar Ganesan
Chantilly, USA

Into the InternalĀ Live Course
4 sessions

Session 1. Saturday May 18th.
7.30-9.30 pm (CEST)

Physical foundation.
Topics include:
- Opening joints, fine-tuning the fascia stretch and hanging the muscle.
- Standing practice.
- Push pull exercises.
- Structure & alignment.
- Q&A.

Session 2. Saturday May 25th.
7.30-9.30 pm (CEST)

Awakening the energy body.
Topics include:
- The Building the ball Chi Kung set.
- Whole body pore breathing.
- Q&A.


Session 3. Saturday June 1st.
7.30-9.30 pm (CEST)

Topics include:
- Power stretching.
- Muscle to tendon changing.
- Floating the bones.
- Bone marrow washing.
- Q&A.

Session 4. Saturday June 8th.
7.30-9.30 pm (CEST)

Moving energy.
Topics include:
- Lower dantian rotation.
- The microcosmic orbit.
- Moving energy in different directions.
- Q&A.