The Core Essentials Chi Kung Course

 Your journey into the internal starts here.


Uncover what many people have called the missing piece on their internal journey. Start experiencing Chi right from the get-go, and make the true transformation happen.


What is this course about?

As the name of the course suggests, this course is about the development of the core essentials of Chi Kung practice. These essentials are, in a nutshell:

  • The correct understanding and development of a strong physical foundation.
  • The awakening of the energy body.
  • Releasing energy methods. Understanding ‘song’. 
  • The ability to move, circulate and sink energy.
  • Learning how to balance energy and cultivate stillness.

These core essentials can stand alone as a thorough Chi Kung practice that will lead to a huge transformation of the practitioner. Besides that they explain the inner workings of any internal (martial) art.

How is the course structured?

The Core Essentials Chi Kung Course consists of 5 modules, with a total of 14 exercises: 

  • In modules 1 and 2 we lay down a physical foundation and teach you how to awaken the energy body.
  • In modules 3, 4 and 5, we build upon this foundation and start working with the energy in different ways.

Each module and excercise starts with a written introduction and trainingtips. The theory in those introductions works in unison with the video exercises to create a complete picture and understanding of what we want to achieve in this course. 


"I was amazed by the depth of the systematic approach, bringing it all together in a truly fundamental teaching"

Jeroen Laheij
-Leiden, The Netherlands- 

If you want to know more about the content of the course, watch the videos below.


Video Poster Image
Video Poster Image

"We created this course with the primary objective to give you the foundational, closed door knowledge, we wish we had access to when we first started our internal journey. 

We sincerly hope the material in this course will help you as profoundly as it helped us."

Didi & Armand

"With a background of more than 20 years of Wing Tsun training (learning in several schools and in two different lineages), I was excited when I discovered Armand on Youtube. Wing Tsun is in itself traditionally an "internal martial art", but in its historical development and especially in the curricula of almost all schools, these aspects are very much neglected, if not forgotten. So I was curious to see if Tai Chi had elements to offer that are missing in the Wing Tsun curriculum. 

I personally benefited most from:- Exercises to activate the feeling of chi/energy in the hands and body. This helps a lot to develop body awareness and to "connect" better with training partners during Chi Sau/ Pushing Hands exercises.- As a result, I have also developed a better awareness of a structural weakness in my upper body, possibly as a result of years of Chi Sau training (energy directed forward and with sometimes smaller training partners).

I liked Armand's very clear, practical and no-nonsense teaching style."

Jonas Burkard
- Berlin, Germany-