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Building Internal Power Part1: Fascia development

Season #4 Episode #7

Building Internal Power is a big part of the Chi Kung proces. In this series we like to take you through the stages of development. In this first part we talk about our aproach on the topic, fascia development and much more. Enjoy! 

Come join one of our step by step, foundational Chi Kung workshops. Specifically designed for those of you seeking the internal principles that apply to Tai Chi or any of the internal (martial) arts. 

Here is your chance to get hands on experience in a small group setting. Discover the full potential of your internal training and accelerate your growth through multiple partner-excercises. 

Workshop 1:   22 - 26 May - Full

Workshop 2:   19 - 23 June 

Workshop 3:   17 - 21 July - Full

Workshop 4:   04 - 08 September 

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